Alfa Romeo MiTo

Being showcased at the 2008 British Motor Show, the Alfa Romeo MiTo is a fantastic model of the super-mini car that has been designed in the 3 door hatchback model with front engine layout as well as with the front wheel driving for the better stability and control over the rough and tough roads of the city traffic. The whole body is based upon the GM Fiat Small Platform that makes it superb among its sibling models. However the model is optimized to generate more power from the smaller capacity engines like 0.  

9L I2 Petrol Engine, 1.4L I4 Petrol Engine and 11.6L I4 Diesel Engine.

However, the buyers also get the choice of 5 Speed Manual, 6 Speed Manual and 6 Speed Dual Dry Clutch FPT Transmissions. The executive style body theme along with sleek and elegant leather covered interiors are the most effective part of the world famous Alfa Romeo MiTo. 

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