Citroen C35 automotive articles
Citroen C35
2014-06-30 16:42:52

Fiat produced a van named Fiat 242 since 1974 and it was built under the joint pact with French car maker Citroen. This van was marked and sold as Citroen C35 in France...

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Citroen C-Zero

The luxury model of Citroen has now come up with the electric car C-zero, which is a four-seater city car. The car is finely engineered but is hugely priced...

Citroen C15

The classic model Citroen C15 was manufactured by Citroen, the French auto manufacturer and it was a panel van built between 1984 and 2005...

Citroen DS4

The lavishness model of The Citroen DS4 is manufactured by Citroen of France and it is new and still a 5-door hatchback. Interesting it has the coupe profile and a compact SUV’s ride height...

Citroen Saxo

CITROEN SAXO Built on front engine, front wheel drive layout and having a 5 door hatchback body style, the Citroen Saxo was a supermini car produced by the Citroen from 1996 to 2003...

Citroen Tubik

The attractive model of Citroen Tubik is a concept car developed by Citroen and it is distinctively personified by its unconventional design...

Citroen last news
GT by Citroen
2014-06-30 16:54:08

The comfort model of GT by Citroen is a sport model car and was shown as a concept car in the 2008 Paris Motor Show...

Citroen ZX
2014-06-30 16:52:13

The debonair model of Citroen ZX is a small segment family car manufactured by the French automaker Citroen from 1991 to 1998...

Citroen Xanae
2014-06-30 16:52:00

The stylish model of Citroen Xanae was a concept car developed by Citroen of France and when it was shown at the 1994 Paris Motor Show it became the centre of attraction with its futuristic style...

Citroen U23
2014-06-30 16:51:51

The elegant model of Citroen U23 was manufactured by Citroen and it was introduced as light truck with 2-ton capacity in 1936...

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